Man, there are a lot of digital designers out there. I had no idea. And you want me to handpick 10 sneaker and skinny jeans-wearing, graphic tee-loving Apple fanboys (and girls) for this list? Oh god.

So, before there are any hurt feelings (I sure hope there are), first realize that I was specifically looking for designers whose designs would work well with buttons. Those who were selected here were not chosen because of how cool they are or how popular they are (but they are cooler than you, for sure). Secondly, this list isn't presented in any particular order. Deal with it.

Anyway, there have already been oodles of fun and cool button designs. There have been rainbows and happy faces and Batman logos and Coca-Cola bottles and flags. We've seen Snoopy, superhero logos, campaign buttons, and I ♥ whatever (I ♥ Darrell Meadows, the handsome content marketing expert).

But don't you think it would be cool to see some elegant, simple, modern designs on buttons too? Not to say that it hasn't been done already, but certainly not to the extent that it could be. It's a missed opportunity, bro. Why aren't you using buttons to market yourself? It's a no-brainer.

So, let's blast on through this list. Here are some digital designers with fun-looking designs that would make great buttons.

1. Jorge Lawerta

Jorge Lawerta designs are simple, comical, colorful, fun, abstract, and very relevant (and by that I mean he's with the times). Some of his designs might be a little too complicated for buttons, but for the most part they would suit the medium quite well.

I think, in particular, his comic book style designs would be the bee's knees on pinbacks.

2. Jake Dugard

Jake Dugard makes excellent and subtle use of color, simple shapes and fonts. Because his designs are so simple and minimalist, I think they would be great for the button medium.

Specifically, this dude has done some cool things with single-object designs. Those would be the best for button designs.

3. Mike Bruner

Mike Bruner designs are a lot of fun. Sometimes they incorporate more elements than Dugard designs, but I think they would still look great on buttons. Overall, his designs are simple, stylish, memorable, and he makes great use of darker, earthy tones. His portfolio is rather diverse and expansive too.

Just check out some of the single-object logo work, flat-design owls and burgers, as well as emblems he's done, and tell me they wouldn't make for great buttons. I'm right, dude.

4. Robin Fertner

Robin Fertner (aka F5 Graphic Design) has personality, and her graphics show it. Her portfolio is fairly well-rounded from the simple to the complicated, making it difficult to categorize or pin down her style. However, her t-shirt and logo designs show both attention to detail and a lot of character too.

Unquestionably, she has some designs that would make for great button designs (the Twisted Delights Bakery logo, for example). Who wouldn't want a wicked cupcake they could pin to their shirt?

5. Karl Gookey

You don't even have to look at Karl Gookey's portfolio to get a sense of what he's capable of. Just go to his website. The main page on his site features a very unique logo, and simple elegant icons that would make for great button designs. He also does flat, simple shape designs well.

Having said that, you need more work in your portfolio, Gookey. You better get on that. We need to see more of what you're capable of.

6. Daniel Coelho

Daniel Coelho's portfolio features a variety of simple designs representing birds, ducks, snakes and other fun objects like hammers or tanks, and these would all do very well on buttons. I like his website too.

7. Aylin Hakova

Aylin Hakova has a fairly varied body of work. From simple abstract designs to flat logo designs to elegant nature designs, to wire-frame bees, she has quite a bit of stuff that would lend itself to buttons.

This lady is from Sofia, Bulgaria. I don't really have anything interesting to say about that. It's just a fun fact!

8. Shaun Cuff

Shaun Cuff does simple well. He has a fair number of nature-inspired designs, but in particular The Isle of Wight Festival design he's done (which features octopus tentacles with different objects on them, like a microphone or a bottle), or his Isle of Arts Festival design - with a spectacled man and a microphone drowning. These have wicked button potential. His website is nice and clean too.

Who needs quirky and eccentric festival buttons? Cuff is probably your man!

9. Chris Metzner

Chris Metzner has some nice sketch-style designs (like the Breezy Coffee Shop Café), and some bubbly, modern-looking designs like Pink Jetts that I could definitely see on buttons

10. Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Illustration
This fun design by Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has some great designs that could definitely be on buttons. From rodeo cowboy silhouettes, to simple-shape kimono-wearing Japanese girls, stylish flat design logos and unique nature-inspired designs, there's a lot to choose from.

His website looks a little 2005, mind you. Oh well. His clients seem to be quite happy with his work. Good stuff, Anderson.

Are you a designer? Have you created designs that you think would work great on buttons? If so, we'd love to see them. Leave a link the comments section below!

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