50 Years Of Doctor Who: Don't Blink

Attention all Space and Time Travelers: Forget the towel and put on your classiest bowtie. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is here!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Buttons

From Werewolves and Weeping Angels to Cybermen and Daleks, Doctor Who has managed to perfectly mesh Fantasy and Sci-fi together, creating a world-wide phenomenon and fandom. The Doctor traveled the universe and time itself since 1963 for twenty-six seasons (more seasons than what M.A.S.H. ever had). As you can imagine, it would be hard to keep the same cast over such a long period of time. So how did they keep the series running so long? Regeneration. This one idea allowed for multiple cast changes and has them fit into the plots and the Doctor's character. Every time an actor needed to leave or the writers and producers just thought it was time, the Doctor would fall into some plotline that forced him to regenerate to a new body. Proper convenient right there. Such a nice way to change the cast and keep the fans happy. Eventually the classic series came to an end in 1989 and it wasn't until 2005 when it received a reboot continuation. The fandom exploded greater than when the Doctor created the second Big Bang to restart the universe.

Now let's jump in the TARDIS and think about the question that everyone wants an answer to: Who is going to play the Twelfth Doctor? The eccentric Time Lord has had eleven incarnations so far and the twelfth is to be featured in the new season beginning this year. Whovians around the world have speculated with lists of the top 10 and top 20 actors they would like to see as the Doctor. A few who are repeats on the lists are Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kenneth Branagh, Dominic Monaghan and even Steven Moffat, one of the series' most well-known writers.

So who do you think the next Doctor will be?

Will his wish to be regenerated as a Ginger finally be granted?

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