Campaign buttons are the penultimate political statement given their long history as a worthy marketing tool when attempting to propel a candidate into office. The current US President found his way into office through a very image-based campaign. It is now impossible to recognize the bright sun, rising over the horizon and to not associate it with promise of national and global change.

Increasing Interest In An Increasingly Complacent Time

Getting people out to vote is what campaign buttons are really all about. Campaign buttons are something that each generation can identify with and that people are usually all too eager to read. For campaign buttons that are more descriptive in nature, short witty quips can be used or campaigners can use their buttons instead as an opportunity to establish a catch phrase that will forever be associated with their campaign. This is a generation that associates well with catch phrases. As a visual marketing tool, these can be exceedingly effective, especially when they bear the most strategic designs.

Branding Politicians

It is important to note that politicians are running in a very brand-conscious age. The public tends to respond best when they are able to associate a candidate with a particular idea or theme. This is a time in which presidents are elected based upon their commitments to change, rebirth and other themes that stick firmly in the minds of voters. The right emblem, the right word, can help campaign buttons to brand the most desirable public image of the candidate into the minds of all the voters who see them.

These accessories are in large part a political statement, however, they are also seen as fashion statements in some circles. One of the many benefits of the alternative fashion appeal of these campaigning tools is that they are far less likely to wind up forgotten in the bottom of a purse or bag, or worse, thrown away like so many other marketing materials.

Campaign buttons can be very eye-catching, especially when the right designs are in place. While more conventional options in these buttons tend to be of standard, circular shapes and sizes, increased technology has made it possible for designers to produce clearer, stronger images that pop with details and action. Political buttons are now available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to adorn just about anything.

Options In Campaign Buttons

The messages that these marketing tools can bear are as vast and varied as the many individuals who must use them when running. Some campaign managers opt to use humor, while others will cash in on the shock value of current and highly sensitive public issues. Whether making a bold political statement or opting to use symbols and catch phrases to illicit the desired response, campaign managers have an array of options in campaign button designs to choose from.

In addition to custom round buttons, candidates also have the option of investing in unique designs such as zipper pulls. These are typically small, standard shaped campaign buttons that are attached to zippers rather than clothing or bags. Having a variety of options when handing out these marketing tools helps to ensure that people will keep them in a highly visible location, spreading your intended message wherever they go.

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