Band buttons are a very particular breed. Like the Alaskan Malamute, they've been around for a long time, pinned to the side of their human companions all through the age of mullets, love and peace, and even the reign of The King. Wait... Malamutes are older than mullets?

Yes, you read that right, even Elvis Presley had his face on a button. Mostly his name though, because buttons weren't that fancy-shcmancy back then. What about you though? Have a band? If you don't, why not make one! Then you can promote it with some sexy buttons!

Why Buttons are Awesome for Bands?

Rock Band Merch
Tradition AND Merch!

Band buttons are almost a tradition these days. You aren't a band until you've got yourself some button merch, along with some T-shirts, of course. In this world of individualism buttons are a great thing to have for your fans/groupies/homies/dawgs. Nothing beats seeing a rabid fangirl or four arrive to a concert with her shirt pinned full of your face.

It doesn't have to be your face though. You could get together with your mates and design a sick logo, or use the art from a CD cover. Those always look cool. Or maybe your mom's hand or something. That'll stick out from the competition! Who else has their mom's hand on a button?


Buttons can add to the merch you peddle, but they have a dual purpose: Promotion! They have edges, unlike the universe, onto which you can place an e-mail, a website, your mom's name, any whatsit you so choose. You can trade them with other bands, or managers, or agents, or even send a few along with a demo CD. Spice up your audition with a few buttons, or just throw a box of them at the crowd the next time you have a gig or concert.

Because hey, if you lose one, you never know... someone important might just pick it up and check out your website.


Alright so you have an idea of what to do with the buttons, got your band name, got your logo, where do you order?

Most of the time your buttons are going to be fancily printed on a nice sheet of card, and then pressed into a casing, so there's not a lot of rocket science involved. You just have to make sure things line up. Though it would be a good idea to know Photoshop. Photoshop is very helpful.

So all you need to do once you've got your art ready is to download the template for the size you want (1", 2", 3", etc) and use Photoshop to line everything up. Play with Photoshop, get things looking good, upload the templated art to the site, checkout, and BOOM. Done!

Still think band buttons are too old school? Just take a look at how they come out, and you'll change your mind instantly. Who wouldn't want these? Give it a whirl and order up!

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