When people are passionate about something they proudly display it on a button.

People are weird. That's why they wear buttons. What, you were expecting a better explanation? Fine…

So you probably forgot all about psychology class back in High School, huh? But don't worry; people aren't as mysterious as you might think, caveman (or cavewoman). The basic human drives are eating, sleeping and sex. Is any of this ringing a bell or are we not getting through your substance-induced haze?

I don't know about you, but I don't really care to eat buttons. Sleeping with them sounds kind of uncomfortable too. So we can safely assume that the reason people wear buttons is because of sex.

All kidding aside, getting people to wear buttons is about giving them a reason to wear them. It's not about manipulation or exploitation. Your customers will love you when you go out of your way to do something special for them.

Take a gander at these 10 remarkable and compelling reasons your customers are going to pin the entire surface area of their shirts with your awesome pinbacks.

1. Quality

Quality is essential to a successful product. It's really foundational to the rest of the ideas listed below. If your product is duct-taped FUBAR scrap, not only is no one going to buy it, they're not going to stick it on their clothing articles either.

So whatever you do, start with quality. Make sure that your swag isn't going to fall apart if someone were to sneeze on it (you don't want it to catch a cold), and make sure that it isn't defective either.

2. Price

Buttons aren't usually high-ticket items. I mean, there is a market for everything under the sun, including the world's most expensive bottle of wine (costing $20,000 or more). But if you're going to overcharge for your buttons, you'd better deliver some serious value. You could, of course, sell them alongside cool service packages or discounts of course.

Free can also be a great strategy, but we'll get into that in a minute.

3. Design

Oftentimes people just wear things because they flat out like them. They may not necessarily know anything about the imagery on the button or what the slogan means, but if it looks cool, they're all over it.

Just don't exploit your customers, cool? If they seem to be lacking a little earth-savvy, inform them about the designs you've put together and what they mean. Especially if they're potentially offensive.

4. Style

What's cool is kinda subjective, you know? But that ain't stoppin' people from getting' high-top fades, wearing shutter shades or squeezing into black jeans, for that matter. Yeah, I said it.

So like, people will wear what they think is groovin' and, not always, but some of them will actually pull it off too. Anyway, a sweet design will practically sell itself.

5. Fashion

You never know when that magical accessory is going to strike a chord with someone. Girls would put on a new outfit every single day if they could, right? That's why they hang on to so many things they never wear. Maybe your button will be just the thing that's going to bring out their eyes, match that dress they've never donned and compliment their chain stilettos besides.

6. A Sense of Belonging

When people can identify with a particular cause, philosophy or group, they will proudly wear buttons to show their support. If you take the extra effort and time to make your customers feel special, undoubtedly they will proudly wear your cleverly branded buttons ("We take pride in outrunning our deadlines", or whatever).

We live in a bit of a mixed-up world where techno-lovers also like metal and country bumpkins also listen to hardcore rap. Regardless of how many interests these weirdos pleasant people may have, they still like to feel like they belong and are welcomed. Give them that, and your button is on their shirt, like white on rice.

7. Events

Put on customer appreciation days where you give away free hot dogs, or take a day to volunteer at the local soup-kitchen as a company. It's great publicity, though that shouldn't be your motivation for doing it.

Your motivation should be to sell more buttons. No, just kidding. But hey, whether you're putting on a workshop or a community outreach event, buttons are a great way to raise awareness and create cohesiveness around what you're doing. If your customers can get behind your activities, they'll support you too.

8. Support

So this is kind of like point five, six and seven combined. First, it's about building a community, then it's about getting behind a cause, and finally it's about putting some action behind your words.

If your company takes a strong stance for or against something, some people will wear your merch to show their support. If you give money to charities or help humanitarian efforts, this idea might work well for you too.

9. Participation

And we're not necessarily talking about participation awards; although that might be one way to force get someone to put a button on. If you're putting on an event, like we already talked about, you can give away buttons for completing a challenge, reaching a milestone or just for attending.

People love free stuff, and they're easily swayed by it. Sometimes they'll even buy a button to commemorate a memorable event. So work hard to create a great experience for your clients and make them feel like they are an integral part of your business.

10. Incentives

Maybe you have a customer loyalty program where if they purchase and wear a button, they get 15% off on all of your services on repeat business. Or maybe every time they come to an event wearing a particular button, they get in for free.

Free can be a valuable promotion strategy, but incentives are also a great way to nurture customer loyalty.

Image by Tony Alter

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